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A Better Understanding Of The Internet Of Things

Can you imagine a world where all of your everyday items are connected to the internet? We're already pretty close to making this a reality. This includes more than just your desktop, laptop, and smartphone. We're already used to these items having internet connectivity. How about the refrigerator? The washer and dryer? Your toaster?

The Internet of Things(IoT) is a collective movement to help establish a growing network of everyday items. To do this, items must be given some way of connecting to the web, an IP address, and some sort of information to transmit. For example, if your refrigerator is connected to the web, then you want to be able to know the contents from anywhere in the world. This usually requires the use of additional sensors.

Current Examples Of IoT.

The IoT is very much a real thing that already exists today. The concept was introduced some time ago and since then hundreds of new categories of items have been added.

Vehicles are beginning to rely on the IoT to help communicate with one another. This is intended to keep the vehicles and drivers safe while on the road.

Lights and appliances connected to the IoT can be controlled from anywhere in the world if you have the proper credentials. As you can see, this revolutionary concept makes life easier.

The IoT Refrigerator.

One shining example of IoT connectivity is the internet-connected refrigerator. This is a concept that has been toyed with for more than a decade but has only recently seen serious production by some of the big name companies. The appliance utilizes a wide array of sensors to transmit information via the internet to an application on the owner's smartphone.

With some of these refrigerators, you can look inside using cameras. Imagine being at the store and knowing exactly what you need in your refrigerator without anyone being at home. They even have sensors that can track the quantity of certain products and inform you when you are running low. About to run out of eggs? Your refrigerator will remind you.